5 tips for a healthy back

15. March 2022

How can you strengthen your back as an athlete?

At become-a-pro we have athletes from a wide variety of sports: from biking, winter sports, water sports, motor sports and many more. And of course, all of these sports put a strain on the back. Therefore we would like to give you our 5 tips for a healthy back on the occasion of the healthy back day.

1. Physical activities

In addition to sports, there are certainly some days when you sit at your desk a lot, be it for work, school or university. Therefore, take the chance to do some physical activity on a regular basis as well, for example, by walking or taking a bike instead of driving or taking public transportation. Likewise, you can resolve to always take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

2. Stretching

Stretching exercises and yoga will help you prevent back pain as well as relieve acute back pain. There are a variety of exercises you can try and adapt to your needs.

3. Sports activities

Of course we know that you do sports, but often these sports are rather back-burdening. Sports activities that are good for your back include swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing and dancing. The movements of these sports allow you to strain your muscles for longer periods of time simultaneously, which relieves tension.

4. Medical therapies

If the back pain is taking too much physical strain on you and the previously mentioned points no longer work, medical therapies can help. For example, back massages, physiotherapy, heat baths, etc.

5. Take a break from time to time

Stress, regular tension and imbalance can also be a factor for back pain. Therefore, give yourself a break once in a while and do something that is fun for you and at the same time lets you come down.

What do you think about our 5 tips for a healthy back? And are there any other tips that would interest you?
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5 tips for a healthy back