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Our mission is to provide a simple sponsorship process. We are the tinder of sports sponsoring: We connect athletes and sponsors without long application processes.
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Numerous advantages are waiting for you. We support our athletes on their way to a professional career, as well as our sponsors in expanding their reach and image. In our marketplace, sponsors offer their products directly to athletes from the sports community. Depending on their points ranking, athletes can receive lucrative offers on the products.


Sport is your passion? Definitely with these athletes. We always look forward to events, trade fairs and events to meet new athletes. No matter where and when, the athletes show that they’re skilled. The team spirit in the communities is brilliant. Maybe we’ll meet you at the next event too. We are motivated!


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Our Top 5

Our top 5 athletes provide a good social media reach and engagement rate. They are respectively professional in their sport and captivate their fans. They present their successes in their profile. Thanks to the precise analysis of the athletes according to their social media channels, sponsors can suitably assess the skills and reach of the athletes and have an indication of the value of a sponsorship.