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Our goal is to offer a simple sponsorship process. We are the tinder of sports sponsoring: We connect athletes and sponsors without long application processes.
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As a sponsor you can use filter functions to find the athlete matching the brand and handle the sponsoring request via become-a-pro. Discover further features such as our athlete analysis or the marketplace on the platform and register for free.

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Presentation in profile

The athletes present themselves and their sport with current information

Link to social media

The athletes present their reach in the social media.

Processing sponsoring enquiries

The sponsors contact the athletes via the portal

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The sponsors present themselves in their profile

Athlete search through filter options

Individual filter options let the right athlete be found.

Ranking list of athletes

Evaluation of social media reach and skills

Facilitated sponsoring

Simplified handling of sponsoring via the platform

Advantages for athletes

  • Free profile on the platform
  • Presentation with important information
  • Upload of pictures and videos
  • Large pool of renowned sponsors
  • Networking with fans on pinboard


  • Marketplace for new products
  • Large selection of shops and brands
  • Sports-oriented articles and services
  • Large discounts for many points in the ranking
  • Easy material sponsoring for your sport

Advantages for sponsors

  • Fast athlete search by search engine
  • Analysis of the athletes for range
  • Ranking of athletes on intrinsic value
  • Simple sponsoring with just a few clicks
  • Placement of the brand in the scene, anonymous & discreet


  • Creation of your own shop on become-a-pro
  • Sale of products in the scene
  • Discounts for influencers starting from the corresponding ranking
  • Brings your product to the right influencers
  • Evaluation of sales statistics

We're not done yet.

Many advantages await you. We support our athletes on their way to a professional career as well as our sponsors in expanding their reach and image. In our marketplace the sponsors bring their products directly to the athletes of the scene. Depending on the score ranking the athletes can get lucrative discounts on the products.


The sport is your passion? For these athletes, definitely. We are always looking forward to meet new athletes at sports events, trade fairs and other events. No matter where and when, the athletes show that they have the skills. The cohesion in the communities is great. Maybe we will meet you at the next event. We are motivated!

Our Top 5

Our top 5 athletes offer good reach in the social media. They are correspondingly professional in their sport and draw their fans under their spell. They present their successes in their profile. Thanks to the exact analysis of the athletes according to their social media channels, sponsors can appropriately assess the skills and reach of the athletes and have an indication of the value of a sponsorship.