You should avoid these points in sports sponsoring – Part 1

15. January 2020

1. Never give up

Start difficulties are normal, especially at the beginning without experience. Try to improve your application and portfolio. Try to contact the sponsors even in case of a denial to find out why they have chosen others. From this point you can draw conclusions and apply them to the next application.

2. Don’t behave unprofessional

Your behaviour in public like at contest, events or in social networks should be always professional. There is always the possibility that you will meet new potential sponsors. Show your skills to the sponsor and convince him of you. It would be great to get in contact with a sponsor right away and it would be a pity if you scared him off with your behaviour.

3. Don’t lie about your skills and hold back information.

The sponsor will find out about your skills. At the latest at contests. It wouldn’t be a good idea to lie about your skills and fake pictures or videos. Be honest to the sponsors, nobody can be perfect, especially at the beginning of a sponsoring. You should try to improve everyday, anyway. You failed at a contest or you got hurt? Tell the sponsor directly. If you don’t, you disregard the contract and consequences concerning the contract will follow.

4. Don’t compete for the wrong target group.

Think about your kind of sport. To which sponsors does your sport suit? Modern kind of sports suit better to young energetic labels. For instance as an action athlete a company with modern clothes or energy drinks is a better choice than a company which produces luxury fashion. After all, it is important to represent the values of the brand and not to wear some brand with you don’t feel connected.

That’s another reason why you should inform yourself about the sponsor before you contact them.

5. Don’t disregard the rules.

Doping, unprofessional behaviour like being on delay, insulting other people e.g. is against your contract. Apart from the fact that you have to pay a fine because you broke your contract, this could also cause the end of your career in action sports. Your previous sponsors turn away from you and others lose interest in you. It can also happen that you are excluded from competitions. Therefore, try to follow your contract and contact your sponsor if you have any problems.

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