What you should consider in sports sponsoring – Part 2

9. January 2020

6. For keeping the contract, you should:

Be punctual, be always polite, talk in a good way about your sponsor, comply with all agreements and stay in contact with your sponsor. As mentioned above, good contact with sponsors is important for a successful sports sponsoring. Whether it be about successes, but also about problems and new insights.

7. Try always to be reachable

Check your e-mails, phone and social media accounts. Due to reachability you can use your chances. Maybe the sponsor contacts you for a spontaneous event or competition. Here you can stand out from other sponsored athletes. But also deals on new products can be concluded more quickly. You can reach a higher flexibility therefore an easier and faster communication is guaranteed.

8. Try to improve your social media profile.

The engagement in social media is important for reputation and the trustworthiness of the brand. You should have a public profile which is always actual. Try to post continuously about yourself and the brand in an authentic way. Normally it is advised to publish 2-3 posts a week. Interact with your followers if they have questions. Surveys, meet and greets or advent calendars ensure interaction with your followers. Make deals with your sponsor like discounts for your followers or small lotteries.

9. Try to get feedback to:

Improve your skills, strengthen the relationship with your sponsor and reject outdated manners and values. Furthermore, compare your impact on others and clarify misunderstandings.

You will receive feedback from your family, friends, your community, your sponsor, but also from other sponsored athletes.

10. If the contract expires think about:

If you want to remain in the sponsorship.

If everything worked how you expected.

If all conditions have been fulfilled.

If there are other interesting sponsors for you. If you were satisfied with your sponsorship.
If you are satisfied with your sponsorship. You should have a conversation with your sponsor to discuss an extension of your contract and, if necessary, improve your contract terms. But even if you are dissatisfied, you should establish contact to either dissolve the sponsorship and give your feedback or to increase your contract terms.

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