Survey about sports sponsoring – What can the sponsors offer you?

10. July 2020

Question 9: What is the most important aspect during the selection of athletes?

Often numerous applications reach the sponsors. They have to select strictly according to certain factors. Hier stehen die Persönlichkeit, die Skills und die Professionalität im Fokus. Here the focus is on personality, skills and professionalism. To avoid being sorted out right at the beginning of the selection process, you should try to emphasize these points in your application. Sponsors recognize professionalism by a complete and correct application. And you can show your personality for example in a personal application video or in the information you give about yourself. 60% selected the followers, here you can specify a reporting on your social media channels and reach in your application. At Instagram you can easily see the reach of your stories and posts in your profile. On YouTube you can even access openly the click numbers, subscribers and comments. The support, i.e. your community or your networks, is hardly the focus of the first selection during the application.

We have found the solution for the complex selection process. Because at become-a-pro you present yourself as an athlete in your profile in a professional way. We will give you all the important points you need to specify. And the sponsors are spared the sighting of the numerous applications, as they can filter directly for a suitable athlete. That means you only have to fill in your profile carefully and you are ready to go.


Question 10: How important are meaningful pictures and videos?


Ten exclamation marks behind SUPER IMPORTANT! This is emphasized by the sponsors, without pictures and videos you hardly have the chance to get a sports sponsorship. (Unless you already have sponsorships or you are known through contests, etc.) The pictures and videos just show the performance the sponsors can expect from their athletes. 
If you have problems to put together good pictures and videos, we also have some advice in our news section “How should your application look like” to help you get it right.

Question 11: How do you search for athletes?

Here it is obvious again that during the athlete search unprofessional applications are deleted directly. Incomplete applications are also not welcome. Because no effort is made to point this out to the applicants. Since enough other applicants submit complete applications. Despite the rush, the sponsors really want to take the time to get to know the potential athlete to see if he or she fits the brand. Personal meetings are often arranged for this purpose. You shouldn’t be nervous, after all you have already aroused the interest of the sponsors. Try to stay true to yourself and to yourself, as you have already done in your application. Don’t forget that you also have the opportunity to meet potential sponsors at events, contests or fairs. Because 60% of the respondents also chose this option. Here it is important to leave a good impression, so that they remember you when they make an official application.

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Question 12: What are the biggest problems during the athlete selection process?

This question shows once again that the sponsors are overwhelmed with applications. This is also the biggest problem during the selection of athletes. Immediately afterwards, however, the applications follow without any significance. Therefore, please try to adapt the application to the sponsor and make it look authentic. In our news “How should your application look like” we give you some hints for a perfect application.

Question 13: How do you measure the value of the athletes?

During the selection of the applications the sponsors evaluate the athletes. Often this happens individually and according to the personality of the sponsor. Athletes who have built up a network in the scene and have a large followership in the social media are valuable to the sponsors. Won competitions or previous sponsorships are not in the first place.

Again, we see that you athletes should create an authentic application. But the question also refers to the time during the sponsorship, i.e. to be valuable for the sponsor, you should build up a community and let people interested in your sport and brands participate. That way you become more valuable and indispensable for the sponsors. Of course you should not let your performance fade into the background. 


Question 14: What are the biggest efforts during the sponsoring process?



The application process is definitely the most complex. The reading of the applications, as well as the selection and analysis of the athletes is long and complicated with many requests. The sponsors also have difficulties in checking the contract and the regulations. Here you can support the sponsors. Give feedback and contact your sponsor regularly to stay informed about news and to show that you are committed to keep the contract.