Finding the right goggles

11. March 2021

Find the right googles for every situation

You may have experienced it yourself…when you are in the mountain, it’s snowing and you can not see anything, because of your improper goggles. You can make a lot of mistakes when buying googles – we want to show you which pair is the right one for you.

Not every lens is suitable for every situation. So you should consider in which weather you are likely to be out in the mountains. It always depends on the light transmission (VLT).

Goggles bright and sunny weather – VLT 3-8%:
on glaciers or long sunny days. Very dark or heavily mirrored lenses are the perfect choice here.

Variable goggles – VLT 19-43%:
For sunshine as well as cloudy skies. A versatile lens is recommended here, which is the most common.

Snowboard goggles bad weather – VLT 44-80%:
In poor conditions, increased light transmission is needed. The lenses are less heavily mirrored.

Uncertain about the conditions in which you are travelling?
Of course, there are different variations here too:

Quick change systems:
Depending on the conditions, you can easily change the different lenses of your googles.

These lenses change their tint automatically, depending on the sunlight or light conditions. There are also glasses that change this by pressing a button.

The non-plus-ultra is Oakley’s revolutionary lens technology. It filters blue light and enhances high-contrast colours. Oakley is the pioneer, but other brands are also researching on it.

You should choose your glasses according to the size of your face. If the glasses are too big, gaps can appear and cause an uncomfortable draught.

Small glasses:
For children or people with slim, graceful, small faces.

Medium sized glasses:
These glasses fit most faces and fit comfortably under a variety of helmets.

Larger glasses:
For large faces. Make sure you don’t buy these glasses just for style.

According to our information, we are sure that you will find the right goggles. So here’s a little hint: If your glasses fog up, you should wipe off the snow, take the lens out of the frame and dry it. The quickest way to do this is on a heater. Try to get air movement around the lenses.

You are ready: Enjoy your ride!