Discipline in sponsoring Part 1: Reachability

29. January 2021

Anyone can contact sponsors, but how do you convince a sponsor?

Discipline is an important aspect when it comes to convincing a sponsor. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to provide important tips on discipline in sponsoring. Today we are talking about reachability in sponsoring.

You have probably experienced it yourself: you send out a message and sometimes wait days or weeks for a response. After a while you get the impression that the person you sent the message to is not interested in the contact or a conversation.
If you consider this from the sponsors’ point of view, they assume that the athlete is not interested in the sponsorship. In fact, the athlete has simply forgotten to check his/her e-mail inbox regularly. By the time he/she finally reads the message, the sponsor has already contacted another athlete and signed a sponsorship contract. The other athlete was more reachable and met the sponsor’s expectations. You quickly get a bad reputation and the search for a sponsor becomes all the more difficult.

Our top 3 advices for better reachability when looking for a sponsor:

  1. In addition to your private e-mail address, you should also set up a professional e-mail address that includes your full name, such as john.doe@emailprovider.com. On the one hand, this appears more professional and on the other hand, you have a clear overview of your incoming e-mails. Under the professional e-mail address you should then only send and receive e-mails that are related to your profession. In that way, no e-mail will be lost due to receiving too many private messages.

  2. Install the inbox on your smartphone so that you can receive, check and, if necessary, reply directly to the e-mails. The excitement of receiving feedback from a sponsor will make you remember to reply as soon as possible, even if you don’t want to do it before you get to your computer.

  3. Keep an eye on your inbox regularly and always reply to important e-mails as soon as possible. It is important to be reachable in order to be ahead of the competitors and not to miss any relevant information.

With these three tips, you will definitely score points among sponsors and master the first challenge of getting a sponsorship contract.

But how do you find a sponsor? You can either write to sponsors on your own or register for free at become-a-pro.net. We connect athletes and sponsors without a long application process. You can simply create a profile with information about yourself, upload photos and videos, and link your social media channels. And then it’s time to be reachable! 😉

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