Age: 26 Jahre

Wirkungsbereich: international

My Sports: Acrobatics, Freerunning / Parkour




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Parkour & Fitness Athlet

My skills

Iam a professional parkour and Freerunning athlete and I do many other sport, and arts like circus  fire show akrobatic fitness and I motivated always other people to do sport with a fires videos on my YouTube channel. 

I offer

I look for a parkour & Freerunning athlete sponsor.

iam parkour trainer & Akrobatik 

My biggest successes

2018 the best parkour athlete in Morocco after a hard competition with many artist from around the country ihad the first place

Plans for the future

In the future I plan to have my own parkour and Akrobatik Local, in the moment I work like a parkour trainer because it's make a fun and give me always the chance to move my body and share it with other people who they are interested to learn this sport

Contest participations

I have many chance to trying more performance around Europe and Moroccan. Like an Akrobatik artist. 

Previous sponsors

I look now for a sponsor how ist ready to trust me and to motivated me and I will show him what I can do and the success I can achieve