How should your application look like? Your support for the sponsor

3. May 2020

Dein Support für den Sponsor

  • Get detailed information about the sponsor and find out which values and skills are important for him. Can you offer him some of them? Be sure to let him know.

  • Do you already have contacts in the scene, successful sponsorships or a large reach in social media? This will certainly interest the sponsor.

  • You do not only have to submit pictures and videos of you and your sport. The sponsor may also be interested in your posts on social media or videos on YouTube. The more Followers and material you produce, the greater your reach. Give him an example of how you present yourself in social media.


Of course the sponsor is also interested in whether you compete. But also how you represent the Brand at the competitions. Show him what your plan is for that purpose.

  • Having a precise plan of what your sponsorship should look like is of advantage.

  • It is also important to convince the sponsor of you and give him what he needs. For this purpose you should analyze the sponsor exactly and try to give him what makes the sponsor better known and helps him to advance.

The application procedure

  • Also consider making an audition tape. This shows that you can handle videos, it shows your personality and is more personal. This could stand out from many applications. In this video you should talk about yourself in a casual way. Mention all the points we have already mentioned in other posts. And best of all add some footage.

  • Don’t be too impatient if you wait longer for an answer. Sponsors often receive hundreds of requests. On the other hand if you don’t hear anything for a while, it is also important to follow up and show your continued interest. Waiting two weeks is quite normal.

  • For example, if the sponsor wants to expand his products, he integrates summer equipment additional to winter equipment. This way you can show him that you are not only skiing but also climbing and that you know people in this area who might be interested in the brand.

  • Do you have skills that not everyone has regarding the sponsor? For example, can you repair your snowboard yourself or are you passionate about editing videos? This is also a point which could convince the sponsor.

How can become-a-pro support you? 

We are your partner in sports sponsoring! 

On become-a-pro you can register as an athlete for free. Become-a-pro is like social media, you register, fill out your profile with pictures, videos and information about yourself. The sponsors on our site look for new faces and use filter options to find the right athlete. 

Your advantages? 

  • The sponsors contact you directly
  • You don’t have to apply anymore, just fill out your profile in detail
  • You don’t have to stand up to 1000 other applicants
  • You can quickly find more than one sponsor
  • We have prestigious sponsors on the platform, like Protest, Scott, O’Neal, Red Bull Spectre…

Have we convinced you? Register for free on 
Are you already registered? Then revise your profile again according to all criteria so that you can present yourself perfectly to the sponsors.

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