Discipline in Sponsoring Part 3: Stay motivated

25. June 2021

Why are some athletes more successful than others?

Have you ever thought about the reasons why some athletes only have short-lived careers when they actually have great talent?
An important issue is discipline, and this is primarily about discipline in training. When it comes to training, it’s not about outperforming yourself every time. But it’s much more about working on technique, breathing, speed and generally getting better.

But every now and then we reach our limit and ask ourselves if it’s all worth it. Of course it is! You need to overcome these doubts in order to give your motivation free rein.
A misconception about motivation is that we often say “I’m not motivated today” and therefore don’t overcome our weaker self.
But it’s the other way around: First we have to act to give motivation a chance, which can only come from success.

Only with discipline & motivation you will convince sponsors and hopefully have a successful career.

Our top 3 tips for more motivation:

1. Overcome your weaker self. Do you think you are not motivated to work on your skills today? Then just go out anyway and you’ll see that motivation comes during training.
2. Sign up for competitions. When you have to challenge yourself against others, you will quickly get a boost of motivation: Either because you realize how good you already are and want to stay that way, or because you want to become just as good as the others.
3. Give yourself some time off now and then. Discipline does mean that you often have to miss out on things, but you don’t have to give up your life completely either. Discipline is more about knowing when to limit yourself and when to have fun.

And now it’s time to activate motivation!