7 steps to a successful profile

4. October 2021

How can you attract the attention of sponsors?

With become-a-pro, athletes have the opportunity to create an application profile and thus apply to sponsors more easily. For this, however, it is important that the profile gives a good impression to the sponsors from the very beginning. Therefore, consider the following 7 steps for a successful profile:

1. The first impression: Your profile picture

When the sponsors search for suitable candidates in the athlete overview, only the athletes with a profile picture will get the attention. If you only see a dummy profile picture, sponsors will directly have the impression that this is an unfinished profile. So make sure that you upload a profile picture – preferably one that directly reflects your favorite sport, too.

2. Connecting the social media channels

Sponsors can also see directly in the athlete overview whether an athlete has linked his or her social media channels or not. If there is a 0 Score, the sponsors also get the impression that this is an incomplete profile. For many sponsors, it’s not about the highest score, but they want to get a snapshot of your social media activity. When you link your channels, sponsors already see that you’re active on those channels.

Based on the levels, sponsors can then assess which influencer tier you are in – for example, whether you are a nano or micro influencer. With the help of the score, the sponsors then get an impression of your activity and the engagement rate of your followers on the individual channels. That means the more active you are and the more your community interacts with your posts, the higher your score.

You want to know how to link your channels?
This way https://become-a-pro.net/social-media-connect-2/

3. Enter your sport(s)

The last type of information that sponsors will see directly in the athlete overview is the type of sport(s) you do. This is another important fact that you need to fill out. Firstly for the good impression and secondly so that the sponsors can also find you via the filter function. Here, the sponsors can explicitly search for the individual sports and only those athletes appear who have also entered the sports.
If your type of sport is not yet in our system, first select “Others” and send us an additional e-mail to info@become-a-pro.net. We will then add the sport accordingly.

4. A catchy headline

If you have fulfilled the three points listed above, there is a great chance that your profile will be viewed by the sponsors. But once the sponsors have made it onto your profile, you of course need to maintain the good impression. Therefore, in any case, add a meaningful headline that briefly and concisely reveals some information about you.

5. Fill out the info boxes

Below the headline, we continue with the questions that sponsors are interested in. After all, they first need to know about you and your skills and what you are looking for. Therefore, it is important that you answer at least two, better even four of the question boxes. In addition, you can already upload photos via the individual question boxes, so that the sponsors also get a better visual impression of you and your sport.

6. Upload photos & videos

Now the sponsors already get a great impression of you with the help of the question boxes and the matching photos. But to complete the overall picture, you should in any case also upload more photos and especially videos. This will give sponsors a better insight into your skills and in addition how you present yourself on social media, if applicable.

7. Keep your profile up to date

Last but not least, you should always keep an eye on your profile, since there are always updates to be made. Your social media analysis will be adjusted automatically. So if you get more followers or the activity increases, it will be updated directly. But information about new tricks, contests, new opportunities, etc. you have to add yourself. Therefore, it’s best to schedule a date every 1 to 2 months to go over your profile and make adjustments if necessary.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? If you have any questions about filling out the profile, you can always contact us at info@become-a-pro.net.

We keep our fingers crossed that you will find new sponsors as soon as possible with your fully completed profile! 🙂